Use of tailored project management techniques to aid in the planning, design, & construction of a project from start to finish.

  • Ensure smooth communication between clients, subs consultants & contractors

  • Represent clients at public hearings

  • Liaison for public agency representatives

  • Negotiation of contracts & development agreements

  • Establish realistic project schedules


Process used to determine the viability of our clients’ idea and whether or not their project is worth the investment.

  • Evaluation of technical, economic, operational, legal and scheduling feasibility

  • Ensure legal, technical, and economic standards are met


Discussion with our clients to devise a plan that is economically and environmentally conscious.

  • Discussion about resources, topography, adjacent land uses, site constraints and desired end use

  • Ability to provide feasibility studies, conceptual plans, zoning permitting, preliminary and final development site plans, site detail and construction plans, and easements


Seamless process used to develop strategies that address client concerns and goals.

  • Cost-effective and efficient strategies

  • Address applicable requirements, general plans, municipal codes, and zoning regulations

  • Exhibit and rendering preparations

  • Pre-application meetings

  • Public hearing presentations

  • Community and neighborhood outreach

  • Parcel/zoning maps

  • Site surveys

  • Exhibit and rendering creation


Solutions that are comprehensive, practical, and cost effective are used to complete complex projects.

  • Commercial, industrial, residential and municipal site developments

  • Grading design and earthwork calculations

  • Storm water management

  • Erosion control and drainage design

  • Water/wastewater distribution and collection

  • Landscape and irrigation design

  • Site, utility, road, street and parking design


Step-by-step operation that moves the project from the owner, to the design-build entity, to the sub-consultants.

  • Streamlined project delivery

  • Result = reduced administration, greater quality control, cost-effectiveness, clearly defined expectations, and sensitivity to time